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The Quick Facts
Likes sleeping, eating, chewing on liat's feet, eating liat's socks, using liat as a scratching post, chasing mac down the hallway, sleeping, eating, barking at strangers, pulling on the leash, running, going for walks, swimming (supervised only), sleeping under the covers, or on a pillow, and of couse, eating and regular sleeping.
Dislikes Mac stealing her treats when she's being told to wait, animals on the tv, sirens (either on the tv, or outside), waking her up from sleep, early mornings, not being able to sit on your lap, not being with you, not being able to catch Mac when he jumps up on the table, she really hates it when her toy falls and she's too lazy to get it so she'll cry until you give it to her, she also really hates it when she can't find her favourite toy "crunch cruch", she can never seem to find it, cus it some how manages to make itself go under the bed, under the fridge, under the couch, under the stove, you name it, crunch crunch has been there.