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Age: 2 year
Sex: Female
Colour: Fawn
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Alright.. so all you folks who want to see me lookin like a fool... (I can't believe I let my mother do this to me)... you can see me dressed up for halloween. I'm so impressed with her. Check them out. Helloween Pictures

Your one stop to tons of links and site reviews. Solar isn't just your average every day pug. Solar loves to surf the web and find cool, useful, informative and just plain weird sites on the web. Solar spends hours a day searchin the web trying to keep herself out of trouble. Solar spends time surfin' the web so you don't have to. Each site she finds useful or not she will give it her honest opinion and let you all know so that you don't have to waste your time.

December 02, 2002
Alright new pics are finally up, 30 new images to be exact.
What was the best thing before sliced bread?
Nothing...Working on getting more photos up, and working on the tutorials
Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?              
.: Coming Soon